Baron Stock Material Spreadsheets

Download the Baron stock material spreadsheets here >>

Baron Metal has created a number of spreadsheets to help you identify what product is stock or standard material. The attached excel spreadsheets can be printed or can be used electronically to quickly identify stock or standard material. These spreadsheets are in addition to our other resources e-business and the stock/standard printed books.

The attached spreadsheets are a quick and easy tool to identify what product is on the shelf and which products are standard or made to order. Inside the charts you will see a circle with a number inside the circle. The number inside the circle will indicate the lead time for the specific item. Any of the items that are stock are highlighted by using a black circle with a white number 3 inside. The 3 indicates 1-3 days for this material. In the white circles and black numbers you will see some items with a 5 (5 day lead time), 10 (10 day lead time such as expandable) and 15 (15 day lead time for H-series standard material).

If you have any questions concerning these charts please feel free to contact your customer service representative.