Galvanneal Steel

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Baron Metal Industries wishes to acknowledge that all products supplied are manufactured using Galvanneal Steel as standard.

Galvanneal Steel is produced on a continuous hot-dipped galvanized steel line. As the steel emerges from the molten zinc bath all excess zinc is removed from the surface using heated air knives. From there the steel continues through an annealing furnace converting the zinc into a zinc-iron alloy coating (galvanneal). The coating is spangle free, dull grey in appearance and offers exceptional protection to corrosion as both the inside and the outside are properly protected. In addition Galvanneal Steel also provides an excellent surface for finish painting.

Preparation for finish painting Galvanneal Steel is very simple in that it only requires a wipe down of the surface with a mineral spirit to remove all foreign substances and contaminates typical on jobsites. Prime painting of Galvanneal Steel prior to finish painting is not necessary.

Galvanneal Steel is similar to other hot-dipped galvanized products with trade names such as Redi-Kote, Jal-Zinc, Zincgrip-Paintgrip, Wipecoat and Satincoat, all of which conform to ASTM A-525, A526 specifications with A25 (.25 ounces both sides) coating classification.

Galvanneal Steel has since become a commodity in the automobile and appliance industries. Galvanneal Steel is also widely used in the construction industry with building materials such as roof decking, steel studs, T-bar ceiling systems, J-molds and corner molds. Other products using galvanneal steel include baseboard heaters, air conditioners, and washroom partitions.

Baron Metal is confident that once you have used our products you too will realize the benefits Galvanneal Steel has to offer.

Reasons why you should specify galvanneal steel:

  • Competitive to cold rolled steel in initial purchasing costs
  • Provides considerable longer life-expectancy than primer painted cold rolled steel
  • Delivers excellent resistance to corrosive elements as shown in test below
  • Offers excellent paint adhesion characteristics
  • Requires minimal maintenance

Based on 100% humidity tests

  • *1 "Destruction" in architectural terms defined as "a point in time when visible rust occurs".
  • *2 At termination of test program (910 hours) galvanneal still showed no signs of rusting.
  • Specimens:
    Galvanneal Steel + Final Coat Paint
    Cold Rolled Steel + Primer + Final Coat Paint