Sourcing process and supply chain

Sustainability is a vital factor in our sourcing process. For ASSA ABLOY, auditing and improving its supplier base is a continuous task.

Supplier quality process

The Group's sustainability approach is integrated into the ASSA ABLOY supplier quality process, which ensures that the right suppliers are selected by using standardized criteria and requirements for both quality and sustainability compliance.

There are three steps in the Group's sustainability audit process:

  1. Supplier self-assessment – this allows the supplier to assess its ability to maintain ASSA ABLOY’s standards early in the process.
  2. On-site audit – the Group's sustainability screening audit process (introduced in 2008) is used to evaluate how well a potential supplier meets set requirements.
  3. Extended sustainability audit – this is a complement to the standard sustainability screening audit.

Screening audit process

As of 2009, a sustainability screening audit process is the main tool used for an on-site audit to evaluate how well a potential supplier meets set requirements. ASSA ABLOY has carried out standardized audits on suppliers with regard to sustainability since 2006.

Using the screening audit as standard, ASSA ABLOY performed 192 quality audits and 188 sustainability audits in 2009. Each of the 220 suppliers in the Group’s approved supplier database has been audited at least once. Suppliers that meet the standards are generally visited once a year, and those that need to improve are visited more frequently.